UtkalHacks 3.0

20th March - 4th April

Hack From Home

From broken coffee machines to the monotony of sitting for long hours at a stretch, this paradigm shift to online hackathons rids you of many such hiccups that you normally face in an offline experience. Going virtual empowers you to create revolutionary hacks at the comfort of your sofa!

A better working environment

No more chaotic working table. No more random snacks on the floor. Now you can just lock yourself in your room and get the work done!

Better physical & mental state

No more late night struggles. No more burnouts. Now, not just you can recharge your mind and body but also sleep on your ideas and take it to the next level.

Better team collaboration

No more random sticky notes. No more flip chats. Now you can get anyone from anywhere on your team and collaborate effectively in your own solitary virtual space.








Learn something new!

Get exposed to actual problems to work on. Opportunity to solve problems fast, and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Enhance your ability to work under pressure and acquire new technical skills, the exposure to interact with smart people improving your soft skills. Master the art of pitching project ideas like a pro.

Build nifty ideas!

Ideate with your team. Strategize with the utmost precision. Develop with your tools of choice and bring your hacks to life! If there was a right time to get serious on that handy idea you thought of in the shower, this is it! Ideas may look small in our heads, but nobody really knows their impact until and unless they manifest into reality.

Meet smart people!

Too shy to approach someone physically? The virtual experience lets you connect with sharp and like-minded people in your comfort zone. Build a circle that pushes you to grow. Network with masters of their crafts and learn from them. Or simply find peers on the same career roadmap. The possibilities are endless!

Design Sprint to the Rescue!

Hackathons are great, until they are not! With unguided, unclear direction, hackathons can be bloated with vaporware. When we don’t know the problem that we’re trying to solve, we might just build something that no one never wanted.

"Build something people want!"

Have an idea?

So you've got ideas? Like ... a lot of 'em? There are way too many of us with ideas but too little time. If you're that person then our hackers at #UtkalHacks might just build those ideas into a real product.

Did we forget Prizes?

No, not at all. We know hackers love prizes and swags! 🤘 But sometimes useless prizes are a great turnoff for the people who hack out of passion. This year, we are focusing more on providing valuable prizes that are useful to everyone in the long run. And we’ve got a bunch of cool but useful ones in this year’s edition.


Runner Up

Best Design Team

Best Girls team

Best Beginners team

Best Spline 3D design

Best GraphCMS Hacks

Best Matic Hacks

Best Tezos Hacks

Speakers & Judges

Vilva Athiban P B

Senior JavaScript Developer


Michael Riddering

Building FigmaAcademy


Darshan Gajara

Design Lead


Scott Spence

web developer


Johan Eliasson



Tadit Dash

Software Engineer | Author

Prev. Software Engineer @Mindfire Solutions

Anshuman Verma

Software Engineer


Sayli Patil

Tech Lead

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